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February 2015

The February Breakfast was a huge success.  Many of the VFW member joined many members of the community for breakfast.  A new menu item…  Yup, we not only had Eggs, Sausage and Pancakes but “SOS”….Anyone in the service would recognized this a “favorite” U.S. Military Cuisine”…This is something that will be continued by popular demand.  So you ask, “What is SOS”?  Well…

In the United States, chipped beef/sausage placed in gravy, then slopped on toast was commonly served to soldiers in the United States Armed Forces. It was thus considered emblematic of the military experience, much as pea soup is in Finland or Sweden.

In American military slang it is commonly referred to by the dysphemism “Sxxt On a Shingle” (SOS)—or, “Stew On a Shingle”, “Same Old Stuff”, “Something On a Shingle”, or occasionally “Save Our Stomachs”.

Wentworth and Flexner cite no origin for the term, but noted “shingle” for slice of toast has had “some use since 1935” in the U.S. Army, mostly in the expression “sxxt on a shingle”, and the latter had “wide World War II Army use”.

Aren’t you glad you asked?  Come and join us every third (3rd) Saturday of the month and experience a military breakfast….SOS.

We are also raffling off a different Wreath every breakfast, as long we can keep up with demand.  Last Saturday the winner, shown in the picture above, was Katie .  So come by, buy a ticket and maybe go home a winner.

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