Member Benefits


For 100 years, the Ladies Auxiliary VFW has given women from all walks of life the chance to be leaders in their communities.  The opportunities to lean and grow abound!

  • Networking–Through local and national events, members have the chance to meet people from all walks of life and many career backgrounds, creating a vast network of people who are passionate about veterans, active-duty military and their families.
  • Veteran & Military Support–Anyone with a heart for veterans can count their membership as an important way to stand with veterans can count their membership as an important way to stand with veterans and the military community on Capitol Hill and in local legislative battles affecting them.
  • Cancer Grants–After one year of continuous membership, members who are battling cancer may be eligible for a grant to help cover expenses.
  • Friendships–The camaraderie gained from serving together for a cause that is close to everyone’s heart leads to lifelong friendships and a strong network of support.
  • Personal Fulfillment–Longtime volunteers will be the first to tout the benefits of serving others and the sense of personal fulfillment it brings.  The organization offer multiple avenues for service, such as hospital volunteering, adopting of military units and sponsoring of youth groups.
  • Personal Growth & Development–We offer multiple ways for members to acquire many skills, including organization, leadership, fundraising, event planning and community outreach.


Your membership includes many perks outside of personal growth.  A few are listed below.  A full list and links to all the services we offer can be found at in our Benefits Hub.

  • VFW National Veterans Service–A network of highly-trained professionals are available to identify the benefits you (if you are the dependent of a veteran) may be eligible for and assist you in filing a claim.  These services are available at no cost to veterans and their dependents.
  • Ladies Auxiliary VFW Magazine–Published 6 times a year, this magazine will keep you informed about what members are doing nationwide, as well as exciting national events and tips on the national programs.
  • Insurance Benefits–The Ladies Auxiliary sponsors discounted policies for life, health, accident, long-term care, and dental, along with many other benefits plans.
  • VFW Store–A wide variety of Ladies Auxiliary and other patriotic products are available at
  • Financial Services–Credit cards and certain financial services are available through USAA by calling 1-866-575-2859